Muscles of the Chest

Muscles of the chest are one of the dominant muscles in the body. Upper chest muscles are a pectoralis major. These are large muscles in the shape of a fan and stretch from the armpit to the collarbone and go down towards the lower chest area on both sides of the body. Then these two sides connect with the breastbone in the human body.


Importance of the muscles of the chest:


The muscles of the chest lie in the thoracic regions of the body that are right inferior to the neck muscles and superior to the abdominal regions. The muscles play a very important role in the body as they control many movements of the body like moving of arms, head, and neck. The simple example is playing cricket. When you do batting and move your arms to hit the ball with the bat, these muscles of the chest support your arms to move. This movement allows your arms to move further and hit the ball.


Examples that include movement of the muscles of the chest:


These muscles play a very important part of our many emotions. Like when you circulate your neck and when you move your head. A very simple example includes looking up at the sky. When you move your head upwards to look at the sky, your muscles of the chest help your neck to look upwards and then move your neck in a normal position. When you wish to raise your hand, these muscles help you to move your arm upwards. Breathing is the major function of the human body. Our breathing process is also connected with the muscles of the chest that are connected to the ribs and upper back.


Muscles of the Chest: Men vs Women:


Men have stronger chest muscles than women. Muscles of the chest in men are more developed than women. This is all due to the hormone named testosterone that the body produces in higher amounts at the age of puberty. Testosterone helps the body produce stronger bone mass and a healthy reproductive system. This also helps in growing body hair faster.  This hormone fuels the development of muscles in men and that’s why they have stronger muscles of the chest naturally.


How to Build Muscles of the Chest:

Muscles of the Chest: Men vs Women

There are many different exercises and diets that stimulate the growth of muscles and make you stronger. So many supplements are available in the market that supports the production of the testosterone hormone to make your muscles. Men and even women do different kinds of workouts to build the muscles of the chest. There are hundreds of ways you can strengthen your muscles and pop them out. The right amount of workout done with the right technique can help you achieve your goals faster.

Follow these exercises to get bigger muscles of the chest.



Push-ups are one of the most neglected exercises that people leave and don’t adopt because they think it is very hard. A little consistency can do wonder in the long run. It is very helpful in building up the shoulder muscles and muscles of the chest.


How to do it:

Lie on the floor keeping your face down. Keep your hand on the floor at shoulder-width apart. Keep your legs stretched behind you. Now slowly pull your body upwards from the floor and put a bit of weight on your hands till your elbows are straight. Then slowly push your body downwards to the floor till your arms reach an angle of 90 degrees behind. Start from 3 sets a day.




Bench-pressing is one of the most famous exercises to build the muscles of the chest. It is the best time consuming as well and males love to do it. It is considered as the essential exercise for building muscles of chest and shoulders.


How to do it:

Use a barbell for it. Load it with weights according to the level of your strength. Lie on a straight bench that should be at some height from the floor. Your feet must reach the floor and you should keep them flat. lower the barbell with weights towards your chest. Move it down until the barbell is 1” from your chest. Then slowly lift it straight above your chest.


Care tip: Always know your strength level. Don’t use weights that are beyond your strength level. This can cause you pain in your neck muscles or even cause a sudden injury.


The thing to Remember while building muscles of the chest:


Don’t exercise excessively:

We all are aggressive when it comes to muscle building. Some people do exercises so aggressively that they lift heavy weights daily. So it is advisable not to work out more than twice a week when you build muscles in the chest. Don’t work out more than 30 minutes in one session. This will only damage your muscles instead of building them.


Right Form:

Always get training from a personal trainer or instructor to know how to do certain exercises. If you use the wrong form, your muscles, joints, and ligaments can damage and create a lifetime problem.




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