How to Build Muscle as a Woman

It is the tradition and culture of many countries that women don’t have the capacity to build muscles and they are not made to do this. Their only responsibility and priority are to do household work and bring up the children. Though women are delicate by nature, but when it comes to strength and passion, no one can beat them. Same is the case when people talk about body building and shaping muscles. If you are a woman and you are keen to tone your body muscles, you can do it!

Every Women must realise the physical benefits of exercise and toned muscles. It, not only, makes you stronger but also helps in increasing metabolism rate which in turn aids faster fat burning process. If you have decided to make your muscles strong and healthy, you must know the ways to get the effective results as well. Determination, hard work, Protein diet and Gym time are the key essentials for this.

Understand your Muscle Growth:

Understand your Muscle Growth

Muscles start to grow when they are placed under greater amount of stress because it causes damage to muscle fibres that body must repairs. Each time muscles go through recovery process, their tensile strength and fibre thickness increase and that’s the way of body of adapting stress and handling future loads. Right number of calories with right number of macronutrients along with weightlifting is the key to increase and improve your muscle growth.

Always do Right Workout:

Many people talk about toning when they talk about female-strength and training exercises.Some media channels promote yoga moves, ballet workout and full-body exercises for a toned body. All these ways are effective for building functional strength, but they do not help in building a lot of muscles.

Compound, multi-joint moves are the one of the best exercises that activate muscle tissues. You will be able to lift heavier weight with these moves. Isolation exercise such as biceps curls only activate single muscle group.

Types of exercise that help in Building Muscles:

Building Muscles

Among the plenty of exercises, some moves are the best and help in faster growth of body muscles. These exercises, if done correctly and regularly do wonders to your body. There are many compound exercises that are pretty simple and can help you in achieving your desired Muscular body.

Here is the list of those exercise that will help your dream come true.

Squats: when it comes to the muscles of the legs, squats are the best. This exercise target thighs (quadriceps) and the glutes. It strengthens your back muscles, calves and improves ankle mobility.

How to do Squat in a right way:

  • Sit back and make sure you move your butt backward and don’t bend your knees.
  • Keep knees in line with your toes.
  • Take care of the upper body as well. Just look straight and don’t turn around.
  • Don’t hesitate if you want to use some assistance like to support your upper body

It will take a long practice to be aware of how you move.

Hip thrust: this exercise is designed to increase strength and speed. These moves are known to be girl’s best friend for building sexy legs. So actually, hip thrust is a glute bridge with weights and some finer points of this techniques are more important when heavy weights are used.

How to do Hip thrust:

Sit on the floor and put a bench behind you. Bend your knees and make sure your feet are straight on the floor. Hold a barbell below your hips. Lean back, put your shoulders on the bench and put the barbell above your hips. Push your hip up lifting the barbell. Your knees must bend at 90°. Pause at the top while lifting, squeeze your legs and then lower your hips slowly.

It is better if you try moving without any weight first time. Make sure to feel exercise mainly in the glutes rather than thighs and back.

Pullup: it’s a kind of exercise where your hands are facing away from you and it works for your back and biceps muscles. This exercise is a difficult for women but helps a lot in building biceps and one of the best upper-body exercises.

How to do Pullups:

Stand under the bar and hold it with both hands. If the bar is too long for you to grab, then put a box or bench under you and properly position your hands. Hands should be shoulder-width apart. Your thumb must be wrapped around the bar so that it meets the tips of your fingers.

Bench press:

It is one of the most important exercises for your upper-body muscles. It helps in upper-body muscular growth and is an exceptional strength building exercise. Many people believe this myth that bench press is just a chest exercise but in actual, shoulders, back, triceps and glutes are also involved in it. Bench press is an extremely complex movement because it can be really disastrous if you take even a step wrong.

How to Bench press:

Feet are a strong base for any exercise. Set your feet firmly on the ground and adjust them a little back towards your butt. Position yourself under the bar in such a way that it is easy to unrack. Squeeze your shoulders together and stay tight. Arch your lower back while maintain a neutral spine and keep your back tight as you process.

Military press: Military press with the help of barbell or dumbbells build shaped shoulders. It is the best shoulder-building exercise and helps in increasing muscle growth. This exercise is for those who want to gain mass and strength in shoulders.

How to do Military press with dumbbells:

Place an incline bench in such a way that your back is vertical on it. Sit on the seat while holding two heavy dumbbells at shoulder height. Move the dumbbells upward slowly until your arms are straight. Move back your hands slowly to your shoulders and repeat. Military press can also be done with barbells.

These are the typical and main exercise all women need to build muscles. You must stick to the schedule to keep yourself on track and achieve the best results within fixed time frame. Make sure you leave a day in between to work out on the same muscle group.

Take Proper Diet:

Proper diet with full nutrients is also essential for building body muscles for women as well. Diet plays a vital role in muscle building and body strength. Muscles need energy and some raw materials to build more muscles and if you don’t take enough calories, proteins and carbohydrates, your muscles will become weaker. When doing heavy weightlifting, calories intakes must be increased even if you intend to lose fat.

Calories composition is crucial as well. The most important macronutrient In Muscle building is Protein. All body muscles are made of protein and body cannot work the same without adequate supply of protein. Foods such as chicken, eggs, fish, beans, seeds and nuts are the best sources of proteins and must be included in daily diet.

Do not eat sugar products, beverages, refined grains, baked products, chips and candies. These foods are high in carbs and will make you gain more fat and crush your energy.

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