Muscles of the Head and Neck

Muscles of the Head and Neck. Head and neck are the main part of a human body. Both require the same care as the whole body of a human because if any part of our body part is in pain, we feel uncomfortable and will be unable to work properly.

Not only does the head keep the brain safe, muscles of the neck also keep the cervical spinal cord protected and that is the important part for the brain support.

Where the brain controls all the human body like receptors for sensation, the neck also contains the important part of the body which supplies oxygen for the proper working of the brain which is called trachea or breathing canal.

So we can say that these are the most necessary parts of the human body and without them survival is impossible. Due to the main importance of the muscles of the head and neck, it is also necessary to take some proper health measures of these two body parts. But here the question arises, how can we keep them safe and healthy?

There are a lot of people who are suffering from various kinds of diseases of the head and neck which are described in this article.


Head and Neck Diseases:

Most common disease of the head is Migraine which affects both head and neck muscles and tissues. This is the kind of disease which affects the whole human body because it is directly linked with the brain. The symptom of this disease is half head pain reaching to the neck. There is no proper medicine available yet in the market. So due to its severity we should adopt some precautionary measures to avoid this disease. This type of pain is mostly genetic but people who constantly remain in depression and overthink too much about anything are the most vulnerable to this disease.

Except for migraine there are some other issues like normal headache. Headache is caused due to discomfort and lack of sleep. These are the kind of abnormalities which happen due to just our negligence. Like if 8 hours sleep is suggested for a healthy life but due to some reasons, we don’t get it, our whole body will be in pain and especially the muscles of the head and neck will be stressed out.

There are also lots of neck related health issues; the most common is Bronchitis which is caused by some fungal attack. It creates the breathing problems and then infects the lungs as well. Arthritis is a bone-related disease but it also affects the neck muscles and tissues. Myelopathic pain is caused due to compression on the spinal cord. This pain occurs mostly due to wrong sleep posture which can cause the pain in the neck that leads towards the discomfort.

How to Keep Head and Neck Muscles Fit

Exercise and Suggestions

 Exercise is the key to a healthy life, but due to lack of time people don’t take this really seriously. It is not only good for physical health but also relaxes the muscles of the head and neck. Not to blame them as it is too difficult to save some time from daily hectic routine. But for a healthy and longer life, we have to take care of our body and muscles otherwise we will not be able to survive and live a healthy life.

There are some exercises which can help people to keep us healthy and immune to health issues. There are some exercises which we can do during our work time. Like Yoga and home exercise are some of those which not only keeps the body strong but these also relax our head and neck muscles. It’s just a matter of some dedication and commitment to yourself. These are not too hard but these keep the neck and head muscles strong as well as the whole body.

Some are mentioned below:

Chin Extension and Flexion: Move your chin up and then down towards the chest

Rotation: Move your neck and try to make a circle by rotating your neck.

Lateral Flexion: Move your head towards shoulder make the angle of 90 with body

Head massage: Rub your head for some time, it will give some relief.

These exercises do not require too much time but give you strong and healthy neck muscles and relieve you from pain.

Body massage: Rub the whole body and massage lightly.

These are not tough exercises which a person can’t do in its daily life. In fact, once you will make the routine, you will not be ready to leave them because these are like the games which will give you relief as well as give you enough strength.

Healthy Diet Plan:

Where exercises are necessary, diet is also an important factor for a healthy body that we cannot forget. And here diet means healthy diet not junk foods which not only affect the human body and cause big weight gain but also affect the head and neck muscles and lose their strength. Addiction of junk food is noticed to be the cause of many diseases. Diet like proteins and vitamins are those things which the human body actually needs. A healthy diet not only keeps you healthy but it also keeps your brain healthy. It contains all proteins, vitamins and calcium. We can get these from fresh vegetables and meat and fruits.

Sometimes we become too careless about our body and do not focus on what we should eat, which diet is good for a healthy body and our muscles of the head and neck. It doesn’t mean to be against junk food but remember excess of everything is bad. There are lots of cheap and easy resources for a healthy diet.

We can get protein from meat and vegetables which provide many kinds of vitamins and the best source of calcium is milk. These essential nutrients in the diet keep the neck strong and provide enough energy for daily work. We can also get these essential nutrients from medicines like there are thousands of medicines which provide calcium and proteins to the human body. But if natural sources of these things are available then why should we go after artificial ways. In other words, we can remain healthy only if we care about ourselves otherwise someone else has to take care of us which we all will never wish for.

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