Diet for muscle gain and fat loss

Nutrition sometimes may sound so confusing. Fats were considered bad several decades ago. Then people start misunderstanding carbs and now gluten is the evil of all. Red meat had also some bad repute during some years. While body builders started focusing to eat every three hours. But

what is the right to eat? What has more nutrition and less fats? This all is so complicated.

During the whole human history, people did not spend enough time thinking about eating habits. Because people follow the same eating habits they are scheduled to from their childhood. But they must be guided properly.

Some nutrition habits must be followed properly to get stronger in the gym and maintaining muscular physique without much thinking and stressing about what to eat.

You can gain muscles with losing fat while you can get masculine body by getting a bit fat. But it all depends on you what kind of body and muscles you want to build.

If you opt-in for muscles gain without gain in fat, you can do so by building some new slab of muscles with no fat.

Why Muscle Gain Diet is considered best?

It is safe and natural. Because it does not need any kind of hormones and steroids that could affect your inner strength of muscles and metabolism.

If you want to lose weight by cutting calories from your diet, you must consider a few things to do it more safely and smoothly.

Create Calorie Deficit: Create calorie deficit plan for a weight loss.You must consume lesser calories in diet than the amount of energy you want to burn throughout the day and during the workout.

And it is only possible when you really want to lose fat. Your body will look more toned and smarter after that even you haven’t lost weight.

This is because you have gained muscles and lose fat.

Following the calorie deficit plan, keep a few things in mind. Don’t restrict calories too harshly.

This will leave you with less or no energy through the day or at workout and will slow down your metabolism.

All these efforts will be sabotaged, and you will gain nothing. Abrupt changes in calorie intake makes your body to defend initial body weight.

That means less energy will be burnt and body will conserve calories to restrain weight loss.

Not consuming enough calories and protein in diet causes less recovery and muscle gain appropriately.

You don’t have to count on calories always to achieve fat loss and muscle gain. Many people find out that eating nutritious food can keep calories countable without counting each bite calories.

If you have any history of eating disorders, always consult with professional before changing anything in diet plan and food habits.

if you want to figure out that how many calories you must intake in a day,here is some advice to track whole calories intake.

If you want muscle gain and lose fat, first check how many calories you require to maintain your current weight.

That means you must check that how many calories your body burns while you are at rest.

This is called basal metabolic rate (BMR). There are hundreds of formulas and methods to check that.

Real Factors in Muscle Gain                          

Apart from the hard exercise, food and some diet plans are effective part of muscle growth.

You must take some more food and proper calorie table if you only intend to gain more masculine body.

You have to eat more calories and then you go towards muscles growth. Most body building experts suggest eating a lot in order to increase the body size.

They advise to eat high carb diet that consists of oats, protein shakes, wholemeal, potatoes, rice and fruits. These diets level up the nutrition level in body and increase the anabolic hormones release rate.

Sufficient amount of food rich in nutrition is required for muscle gain. The best practice to eat healthy is eat only when you are really hungry, and don’t eat when your stomach doesn’t feel.

This is the best calorie counter that your own stomach provides. You must understand healthy eating habits while taking healthy food. These habits will increase the chances of fat loss.

Diet plan for Muscle Gain and Fat loss

This plan adds a high protein, high fats and low carbohydrate diet for almost five days. And then after 36-hours, you need to carb-up. And after that routine continues and you will get used to this.

Here are some more details.

Adapt some Fat: keep carbohydrate level low for most of the week and then your body will be a machine for fat-loss.

Your body may undergo metabolic shifts after starting your diet plan and may start to burn fats leading to fat loss.

It may take minimum two days to fourteen days to some people. But in most of the cases, people will have become fat-adapted by the end of first 5 days.

Post-Workout Nutrition:It may sound strange about post workout- carbs. It does not mean that you consume high calories and large meals to consume after workout. But little carbs you must consume.

These carbs are not magical and must be counted in total daily carbs as well. 10 grams of glucose and 15 grams for a specific gruelling 2-body part workout is suggested.

Have some carb-up period: it seems perfect to enjoy life after following strict diet plans throughout the week. Eat whatever you want like some pizza, Chinese etc.

Try to limit the junk up-to two meals and eat high-carb and moderate fat diet rest of the time.

Do not overeat and let your stomach decide when to eat. There is no exact amount of carbohydrates you can consume but it may take sometimes for you to begin at first.

keep monitoring your weight and body fat levels equally. When you are on muscle gain, it is nearly impossible to gain fat. Do not forget that insulin is key factor here.

Keep your insulin levels very low in the majority time. Because when insulin levels are low, your body will be unable to store fats in your body and this practice will lead to fat loss eventually.

For Diabetics: people with type 1 diabetes usually have no insulin in their body and that’s why they can store fat in the fat cells. Proteins in their body keep breaking down, converted to glucose and then urine away.

They are always hungry and eat but their bodies are unable to store fat. That situation clearly explains that in absence of insulin, it is very hard to gain fat and 95% probability is to lose fat.

Overweight people tend to lower their insulin levels after low-carb diet plan. And if you keep doing so, you will gain muscle and lead to fat loss.

We hope that you can see the big benefits of eating in the right ways to lose fats. It’s better to fight the cravings early because it will be easier for you to control later.

People who lose weight have better memory and eyesight as well. Their immune system gets improved and they level up their energy levels as well.

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